Sunday, August 26, 2012

18" Electric Mower Black and Decker Model 8019

  Ok another mower from my collection.  Unfortunately, I have to sell this one to make room for other toys.  Below is my info on the mower and my write up in craigslist.  I took the liberty to promote electric mowers.  Hopefully it does not get flagged.

Black and Decker Electric 18" Mower. I bought it at an estate sale from a guy who kept every manual for everything he ever owned. He also updated the mower with newer components. It is Fully functional, to be honest it is hard to kill these mowers, no spark plugs, no gas, automatic start. In addition this mower is quiet. Why am I selling? I already have 3. 

The only downside to using this electric mower is the cord. The trick is to start cutting closest to the outlet and cut in a pattern that gradually requires more cord. With a flip handle this is not a problem. Cordless mowers are great for the first couple years, but after that they start to lose charge and just like your car battery and the battery needs replaced every few years at a cost of 100.00 a pop. Hopefully lithium ion batteries (or some other technology) will drop in price but until then, the cord rules. In addition the current cordless mowers weigh as much as a gas mower. A corded mower weighs just a little more than your vacuum.

This Electric Mower is truly green. Not the kind of (Hybrid) green where you buy gas to run a generator to charge a battery to run an electric motor. Somehow that seems wasteful. This mower takes electric power from the power company to drive an electric motor attached to the blade. All electric=Zero emissions. EPA Statistics: Gas Mowers represent 5% of U.S. Air Pollution. 1 new gas mower=pollution from 11 gas cars. Seems like someone should have thought of this a long time ago. Ok...they did but that is another story.

How big of a yard can this mower cut? Basically this mower can cut as far as a long heavy duty cord will extend. Just because it is quiet and light does not mean that it will somehow stop working after a certain amount of time. In fact the opposite is true. As long a the power company keeps delivering power it will keep running. As long as you keep the blade sharp it will cut just like a gas mower. The trouble is that these mowers last forever, so the blades go dull. Many gas mowers break down before the blade can go dull. This mower was made in 1987 starts as soon as you flip the switch. 

Will I cut the cord? I have used electric mowers for 16 years and have never cut the cord with a mower. Although I would not recommend it, I do run over the cord. The cord seems to lay low enough in the yard not to be hit. That said I have cut the cord with other tools, like hedge trimmers and floor sanders. Even the vacuum cleaner seems to chew harder on the cord than my electric mowers. 

If you are tire of storing gas, spilling gas and running out of gas before finishing the yard, please contact me to buy this mower. 

If you somehow feel the need to work harder, do 20 push-ups after you finish cutting the grass or wax the car. The great thing is you will be able to do it right away and not wait for the blue smog cloud to lift.